Associated Research 5220A

Associated Research 5220A

15 kV, 2 mA, Portable DC Hipot

The Associated Research 5220A is one of our refurbished 15 kV, 2 mA, Portable DC Hipots.

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NIST Calibration Pricing - $127.40

Associated Research 5220A Features:

  • Dual Range: 0-6/15kVDC with Current Meter

Output current:

  • 2 mA operating15
  • mA shorted
  • (0-2/0-20/0-200/ 0-2000 µA metered)


  • Determine the adequacy and safety of newly installed insulation
  • Determine when corrective steps must be taken to restore windings to a safe operating condition
  • Help predict the useful life of insulation
  • Establish maintenance and inspection programs to reduce failure and extend equipment service life

The Associated Research 5220A DC Hypot tester is used to test new or repaired motors, generators, switchgear, cable, wiring and other electrical and electronic products. It is designed for non-destructive, high voltage direct current testing for both assembly line and field use.

The generally accepted formula for high voltage DC hipot testing potential is to apply 1.6 times the AC operating voltage, plus 1,000 volts. With this standard, the 5220A can be used to test equipment with operating voltages as high as 4,160 volts AC.