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Astro-Med Dash 16U

Astro-Med Dash 16U

Data Acquisition Recorder

The Astro-Med DASH-16U is a reconditioned Data Acquisition Recorder that combines features of a high speed oscilloscope, a real-time chart recorder and a data acquisition system. With sixteen channels of isolated inputs sampled at 200 kHz per channel, the Dash 16u can handle all of your recording needs.
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View data on a color display, print data in traditional strip chart format, capture data to memory or export data to PC. Everything is contained in a compact rugged case.
  • 16 universal input channels

  • Sample rates to 200 kHz per channel

  • 10.4" display for real-time signals and post-capture data review

  • 20 kHz frequency response

  • Rugged, portable system