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Astro-Med Dash 8

Astro-Med Dash 8 25 kHz, Recorder

25 kHz, Recorder

The Astro-Med DASH-8 is one of our refurbished Recorders.

Price: $450.00

Refurbished In Stock


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Astro-Med DASH-8 Features:

  • DC to 25 kHz bandwidth
  • 200 dot/inch printhead resolution
  • 200 mm/second chart speed
  • Paper Dimensions: 8½" wide by 150' long; 216mm x 46m
  • Number of Channels: 8 channels, maximum.
  • User selectable 6-, 4-, 2-, and 1-channel modes
  • Chart Formats: standard: 8-, 6-, 4-, 2-, 1-channel &  User Grid.
  • Measurement Range: 50mV full scale to 500V peak full scale
  • Maximum Input: 500V peak or DC; 250V rms mode
  • Sample Rate: 250 kHz maximum per channel
  • Measurement Mode: true rms or peak-to-peak
  • Weight: 28 lbs with battery pack

The Astro-Med DASH-8 Recorder can be powered by an internal battery or external 120/220 Vac. The unit records 8 channels of data from DC to 25kHz real time as well as eight event channels along with eight channels of alphanumeric data. Traces are clear. The thermal recording technique eliminated the need for pens, liquids or moving parts.