Audio Precision ATS-2

Audio Precision ATS-2

General-purpose audio analyzer

The Audio Precision ATS-2 is one of our refurbished General-purpose audio analyzers.

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Audio Precision ATS-2 Features:

  • Digital interface analysis with Performance Option
  • Super fast production test using multitone analyzer
  • AP Basic scripting with “learn mode,” LabVIEW & GPIB
  • User-defined sweeps and switcher support up to 192 channels
  • ATS-2 Analog and Digital Input and Output, with DSP.
  • Performance option Increases analyzer bandwidth to 120 kHz and adds digital interface analysis.
  • PC interface USB, GPIB, APIB
  1. High Speed Tester: 7 results in 6 seconds
  • Output level
  • Frequency response
  • Interchannel phase
  • Distortion
  • Noise in the presence of signal
  • Crosstalk
  • DC offset
  1. The ATS-2 is a general-purpose audio analyzer well suited to the design lab, broadcast facility or production line—anywhere you need high-precision, feature-rich audio test and measurement.
    The ATS-2 offers excellent value for any technician who wishes to integrate a fully functional audio analyzer into an IEEE.488 (GPIB) controlled test system. It is also ideally suited for the production line or broadcast verification when used with AP’s High Speed Tester application.

    The Performance Option can be added to provide a high bandwidth analysis capability and serial digital interface measurements. The Audio Analyzer, Harmonic Analyzer, FFT Analyzer, and Multitone Analyzer bandwidths are increased from 30 kHz to 120 kHz. The Digital Interface Analyzer adds Jitter Spectrum analysis, Jitter Waveform,
    Interface Spectrum analysis, Interface Waveform (Oscilloscope), Eye pattern, Interface amplitudehistogram, Interface Rate histogram, and Interface bit-width histogram.

  2. High Speed Tester (HST) is a fast, accurate and easy-to-operate audio test application designed for the ATS-2 that is ideal for high speed production test or testing transmission quality across a broadcast network. HST tests output level, frequency response, interchannel phase, distortion, noise in the presence of signal, crosstalk and DC offset
    against user-defined limits in just six seconds.