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Audio Precision System Two-2122

Audio Precision System Two-2122

System Two Cascade Plus

The Audio Precision SYS-2122 is one of our used Two Channel Test Sets.
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Audio Precision's 200 kHz Cascade Plus audio test and measurement system with Dual Domain capabilities is a PC-based performance enhancement to the company's award-winning System Two.

The system also includes an unmatched -112 dB specification for THD+N audio testing. Cascade Plus provides a high performance level with the 6-7 dB reduction in Audio Precision's already-low residual distortion.

Product enhancements to Cascade Plus include:

  • Increased FFT acquisition memory to 4 MS-or greater than one minute of acquisition at 48 kS per second. Now you can pick out events spread over a large amount of time then zero in for an in-depth view of the event.
  • Nth octave smoothing that provides smoothing widths of 0 to 2.6 octaves. Based on ANSI spec S1.11-1986, our Nth octave smoothing allows users to interpret test results faster than ever.