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Audio Precision SYSTEM TWO-2222G

Audio Precision SYSTEM TWO-2222G

Audio Analyzer

The Audio Precision SYSTEM TWO-2222G is one of our refurbished Audio Analyzers.

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Audio Precision SYSTEM TWO-2222G Features:

  • GPIB Control
  • Frequency Range: 10 Hz to 204 kHz

The Audio Precision System Two+DSP analog domain test set with all of the analog capability of the SYS-2022, plus DSP modules for generation and analysis of multitone signals, FFT spectrum analysis, waveform display, MLS (maximum length sequence) quasi-anechoic acoustic testing, objective testing of low-bit-rate coders, and other advanced applications.

In addition to the analog generator and analyzer, DSP generated signals (including stereo sine, dual sine, variable phase sine, shaped burst and IMD) are available, as well as a DSP Audio Analyzer with an AC reading meter, two AC level meters and two phase meters.

System Two-2222G versions include an IEEE Std 488.2 GPIB port supporting settings and measurements for all GPIB configurations of standard System Two as well as the SWR-2122 switcher and DCX-127 Multifunction Module products.

An IVI instrument software driver is available for current versions of National Instruments LabWindows/CVI and LabView. The driver supports all standard System Two configurations, SWR-2122 switchers and the DCX-127 Multifunction Module as above.

System Two-2222G versions do not include APWIN software or an APIB interface card, but do include an APIB port. The System Two GPIB Audio Test Developer's Kit (S2G-DEV-XXX) is strongly recommended for program developers. It permits APIB port access for fast test development within the interactive APWIN environment prior to GPIB code implementation.