Ball Efratom PRFS-202

Ball Efratom PRFS-202

Portable Rubidium Frequency Standard

The Ball Efratom PRFS-202 is one of our refurbished Portable Rubidium Frequency Standards.

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The Ball Efratom PRFS-202 can be operated from either 115/220 Vac source at 47-400 Hz, ≤25 watts, steady state without changing the internal wiring of the unit.

Ball Efratom PRFS-202 Features:

  • 10 MHz sine
  • 5 MHz sine
  • 1,5, or 10 MHz TTL (switchable)

Sine Outputs
Levels/Loads (Ohms): 0.85 ± 0.25 Vrms (50 Ohms)

Phase Noise
(SSB 1 Hz BW):
>110 dB @ 100 Hz from carrier

  • >130 dB @ 1000 Hz from carrier

Harmonic/Non-Harmonic Distortion :>30 dBc (sine) / -65 dBc