Berkeley Varitronics 565-2C

Berkeley Varitronics 565-2C

Pulse Generator

The Berkeley Nucleonics is one of our refurbished Pulse Generators.

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Berkeley Nucleonics 565-2C Features:

  • Number of Outputs: 2
  • Number of Delay & Width Outputs: 2
  • Resolution: 500ps
  • Delay Range: 1000 Sec
  • Jitter: 250ps
  • Standard Output Levels: 12v

The Berkeley Nucleonics 565 pulse generator is our most flexible and capable instrument yet. We offer many output modes, with programmable delay, pulse width, amplitude and triggering on each channel, independently. The user interface includes a 4 line display to quickly view all pulse parameters. Use the spinner dial push button, or the keypad to quickly adjust virtually any parameter. In addition to RS-232 and GPIB interfaces, we have added a handy USB Port and LabView Drivers also. If a 20 Volt, adjustable amplitude, is not enough, you can order our 35V Fast High Voltage option. 500 ps resolution with 2 independent outputs or inputs.