Berkeley Varitronics ZEBRA

Berkeley Varitronics ZEBRA

IS-95 16 Channel CDMA Source

The Berkeley Varitronics ZEBRA is one of our used IS-95 16 Channel CDMA Sources.
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The ANSI-95 16-channel Zebra™ is an excellent baseband W-CDMA and Multi-tone source to test power amplifiers as per ANSI-97. Sixteen data-encoded CDMA channels are digitally combined with a user selectable mixing ratio. T

he combined output is band limited with digital and analog filters and output as ANSI-95 baseband I and Q signals with > -70 dB of filtering. These can then modulate an external RF generator to simulate an ANSI-95 CDMA base station with up to 16 selectable Walsh channels.
  • Testing of power amps for CDMA signals
  • IS-95 CDMA forward channel simulation (no network protocols)
  • ACPR measurements
  • Realistic characterization of power amplifiers as per IS-97 specifications 
  • I and Q signals can be combined with external signal (such as AGWN)
  • I and Q outputs drives 50 Ohm
  • Selectable Walsh (0 to 63)
  • Selectable amplitude
  • Modulated IF output at 70 MHz (optional)