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Bird 4410A

Bird 4410A

RF Wattmeter

The Bird 4410A is one of our used RF Wattmeters.

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The 4410A high-sensitivity wattmeter is a solid choice for field-service applications where the greater dynamic range of the plug-in elements substantially reduce the number of elements needed to cover multiple power and frequency ranges. It is also well-suited to laboratory work where power levels as low as 2 milliwatts must be measured with high accuracy.
    Each 4410A wattmeter plug-in element is capable of reading seven different power ranges cover 0.002 to 10,000 watts. The power ranges of the different elements overlap and include: 0.002–10 W, 0.02–100 W, 0.2–1000 W and 2–10,000 W. All ranges are in frequency bands from 200 KHz to 2300 MHz. Any one of the seven power ranges is selected by a rotary switch located on the front of the wattmeter. Forward and reflected power measurements are accomplished by rotating the element.
    Exceptional ±5% of reading accuracy is achieved via a built-in temperature compensation circuit. This stated accuracy applies from 100% of full scale down to 20% of full scale across all seven ranges.