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Bird 4412

Bird 4412

2.3GHz Multipower Wattmeter

The Bird 4412 is one of our refurbished 2.3GHz Multipower Wattmeters.

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Bird 4412 Features:

  • Temperature-compensated accurate CW and FM power measurements from 200 kHz to 2.3 GHz and 2 mW to 10 KW
  • Uses special 4410-series wide-range elements
  • Wide-range accuracy over a 37 dB dynamic range
  • Quick Change (QC) connectors to minimize the need for adaptors when making critical measurements

The Bird 4412 uses the basic principles and “look and feel” of the Model 43 but transforms it into a highly accurate high dynamic range instrument. The mirrored-scale linear range meter has 2 switchable ranges, 0-1 and 0-3.

Power is read as a multiple of the value indicated by the pointer, the decimal point location depending upon the range switch position and the factor printed on the plug-in element. Power ranges covered by individual elements are 2 mW to 10 W, 20 mW to 100 W, 200 mW to 1 KW and 2 W to 10 KW, full scale. For most elements, accuracy is +/-5% anywhere above 20% of full scale. The circuitry operates from a rechargeable battery.