BK Precision 4078GPIB Used

BK Precision 4078GPIB

25 MHz, Dual Channel, Arbitrary / Function Generator with GPIB

The BK Precision 4078GPIB is one of our refurbished 25 MHz, Dual Channel, Arbirtary / Function Generators with GPIB Interface.

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BK Precision 4078 GPIB Features:

  • 14-bit, 100 MSa/s, 400 k point Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • 25 MHz Sine / 25 MHz Square waveforms
  • Predefined Pulse, Ramp, Triangle, Noise, Sin (X)/X, Exponential and Gaussian waveforms
  • Both channels offer full functionality. All wave form parameters such as frequency, amplitude and offset can be set independently
  • Synchronize both output signals to the same clock signal (external or internal) and precisely adjust the phase relationship between the two signals
  • Economical baseband I/Q signal source
  • Saves cost and bench space
  • AM, FM and FSK modulation
  • 10 mVpp to 10 Vpp with 1 mVpp settable amplitude resolution
  • Large graphical LCD shows a detailed output waveform representation
  • Fully programmable markers
  • Fully protected output
  • Closed case calibration
  • Arbitrary waveform editing software included
  • SCPI compliant command set

Standard Accessories:

  • CD containing User Manual & Wave-X Software,
  • Null Modem Serial Interface Cable
  • Power Cord