BK Precision 490B

BK Precision 490B

CRT Rejuvenator

The BK Precision 490B is one of our CRT Rejuvenators.

DISCONTINUED PRODUCT - No BK Precision alternate available

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The BK Precision 490B is intended for the checking and rejuvenating of the cathode ray tubes (CRT) for both color and black and white television sets and monitors.

With this instrument you will be able to find and repair leakage or shorts by measuring the RGB current of cathodes.

You will also be able to plot voltage/current features and to rejuvenate each cathode separately.
  • Test and restore color or monochrome CRTs
  • Test and restore most computer monitor CRTs
  • Test and restore most projection TV CRTs
  • Test emission, tracking, leakage, shorts, life
  • Remove shorts, clean and balance guns, rejuvenate cathodes
  • Continual set up chart updates and new adapter development
  • Extra rugged carrying case