Bruel and Kjaer 2236A

Bruel and Kjaer 2236A

Sound Level Meter

The Bruel + Kjaer 2236A is one of our used Precision Integrating Sound Level Meters.

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•Conforms with IEC651 (1979) and 804 (1985) Type 1
•Conforms with ANSI S1.4 -1983 and Draft S1.43 -199X Type 1
•Calculates and displays LN values *
•Simultaneous RMS and Peak measurements with independent frequency weighting
•Automatic logging of results
•Performs complete statistical analyses
•40 records of manually stored results
•Back-lit display
•Automatic-start allows for unattended measurements

Product Overview:

 The Precision Integrating Sound Level Meter Type 2236A is a Type 1 instrument, designed to meet stringent standards in environmental- and occupational-noise measurement. Measurements are displayed on a large (4 lines, 16 characters/line) LCD screen. The SPL (RMS) is continuously monitored on a quasi-analogue display. The digital output allows interfacing with personal computers and printers, for further data processing/presentation and printing.The linearly-weighted AC output allows for a direct calibrated recording (on Digital Audio Tape, for example), enabling later analysis.A unique feature of the 2236A is that RMS and Peak detection occurs in parallel.