Bruel and Kjaer 2236B

Bruel and Kjaer 2236B

Sound Level Meter

The Bruel + Kjaer 2236B is one of our used Precision Integrating Sound Level Meters.

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Bruel + Kjaer 2236B Features:

•Conforms with IEC651 (1979) and 804 (1985) Type 1
•Conforms with ANSI S1.4 -1983 and Draft S1.43 -199X Type 1
•Calculates and displays LN values *
•Simultaneous RMS and Peak measurements with independent frequency weighting
•Automatic logging of results
•Performs complete statistical analyses
•40 records of manually stored results
•Back-lit display
•Automatic-start allows for unattended measurements

Product Overview:

Precision Integrating Sound Level Meter Type 2236B is a Type 1 instrument, designed to meet stringent standards in environmental- and occupational-noise measurement. Measurements are displayed on a large (4 lines, 16 characters/line) LCD screen. The SPL (RMS) is continuously monitored on a quasi-analogue display. The digital output allows interfacing with personal computers and printers, for further data processing/presentation and printing. A unique feature of the 2236 is that RMS and Peak detection occurs in parallel. In this way the sound level meter can display both the RMS value and the Peak value of the same signal — particularly useful when analyzing transients or impulses.