Bruel and Kjaer 4220

Bruel and Kjaer 4220


The Bruel & Kjaer 4220 is one of our refurbished Pistonphones.

Price: $495.00

Refurbished In Stock


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Bruel & Kjaer 4220 Features:

  • Well defined sound source
  • High calibration level: 124 dB SPL at microphone diaphragm
  • Accurate calibration within +/- 0,2 dB
  • Transistorized frequency control
  • Individually calibrated
  • Battery Operated
  • Fits 1", 1/2", 1/4" and 1/8" microphones


The Bruel & Kjaer 4220 is a Pistonphone that is a compact battery operated precision sound source. It is designed to enable quick and accurate overall calibration of sound measuring equipments. It provides a sound pressure level of 124 dB at a frequency of 250 Hz.