Bruel and Kjaer 8315

Bruel and Kjaer 8315


The Bruel + Kjaer 8315 is one of our used Accelerometers.

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Product Overview:

The 8315 Accelerometer is designed for permanent vibration monitoring installations in a wide variety of applications. It is intended as a general-purpose monitoring transducer. It may be used in areas where there is radiation. Significant reduction of transient temperature and base strain outputs, maintaining a high mounted resonance and operating temperature is achieved using a "shear" construction.


  • Sensitivity:  10 pC/ms-2, +/- 5% 
  • Type of accelerometer:  Charge 
  • Measuring range (peak):  20.000 ms-2 
  • Resonant frequency (typical): 28 kHz 
  • Frequency Response +10%:  1 Hz to 10 kHz  
  • Shock Limit: 10000 ms-2 
  • Sinusoidal Vibration Limit: 5000 ms-2 
  • Temperature range: -196 to +260 ° C 
  • Mounting size: 3 x M4