Compliance West HT-5000

Compliance West HT-5000

Dielectric Withstand Tester

The Compliance West HT-5000 is one of our refurbished Dielectric Withstand Testers.

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Compliance West HT-5000 Features:

  • AC Output to 5000 volts; DC output to 7200 volts delivers up to 20 milliamps.
  • AC/DC selectable. Logic controlled, one button test. LED’s indicate test progress. Upon failure, buzzer sounds and testing is terminated.
  • Leakage current limit, voltage ramp-up time and test duration are controlled from the rear panel. Output voltage adjustable from front and rear.
  • Ground continuity test is defeatable for testing of two wire products.
  • Automatic voltage rampdown circuit eliminates residual voltage.
  • Voltage ramp, shutdown on failure and test timer are defeatable.

The Compliance West HT-5000 is best suited for engineers conducting type testing and product design. Front panel voltage dial-up and AC/DC rocker switch make this unit easy to use. Test termination on failure, voltage ramp time, and the test timer may be disabled for specific research.