Cytec RJV/48

Cytec RJV/48

4 Slot Mainframe for RJV Series Matrices & Multiplexers

The Cytec RJV/48 is one of our refurbished 4 Slot Mainframes.

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The Cytec RJV/48 is a high performance,Mainframe designed for demanding communication applications such as 100Base-T Network Switching. This unit is built with high sensitivity Type A Armature Relays to insure low signal-to-signal crosstalk. Exceptional longitudinal balance and low insertion losses are achieved at high data rates.A modularized design is used, and each Mainframe is built with integrated power supplies, a Control Module and a motherboard that holds the RJV Switch Modules. This results in a great deal of configuration flexibility.

Cytec RJV/48 Features:

  •  5.25" high
  • Accepts, up to four RJV Series Switch Modules
  •  Can be used individually, or bussed together in several different configurations, (for example,as a 48x1 Mux)
  •  Bandpass is 100 MHz at -2dB, and Near End Crosstalk between wire pairs (NEXT) is -42dB at 80 MHz, which exceeds 100Base-TX network specifications