Data Precision 8200

Data Precision 8200

DC Voltage/Current Calibration Standard

The Data Precision 8200 is one of our refurbished DC Voltage/Current Calibration Standards.

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D11 $1,995.00

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NIST Calibration Pricing - $435.40

Data Precision 8200 Features:
  • True Secondary-Transfer-Standard Performance
  • 10 ppm rdg. + 1 ppm rng. Basic Accuracy
  • 10 ppm Stability for 60 Days, 20 ppm for 6 Months
  • “Incrematic™” Dial Control
  • Over 2-Million Value EMF Reference Source
  • 5-Decade Current Source
  • NIST-Traceable on All Ranges
  • μP-Based Design with Optional IEEE-488 Interface
  • 1 ms Settling Time
  • Full-Floating Output

The Model 8200 is an extremely accurate microprocessor-based, remotely programmable, line-powered portable DC voltage/current standard. Transferring NIST reference values to instrumentation and equipment in the laboratory, the QA/QC department and on the production floor is convenient, fast and accurate.

Six decade controls allow adjustment of accurate, ultra-stable DC voltage ranges of ±100 mV, ±10V, and ±100V, in steps of 0.1 µV, 10 µV, and 100 µV respectively, with 10 ppm basic accuracy. If an even wider range is called for, a 1 kV option is available. The Model 8200 also provides outputs from ±1 µA to ±100 mA as a DC current source, with 100 ppm basic accuracy

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