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Ectron 441A

Ectron 441A

Frequency to Voltage Converter Module

The Ectron 441A is one of our refurbished Frequency to Voltage Converter Modules.

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Ectron 441A Features:

  • For all-around F-to-V uses
  • Signal levels from <10 mV to 100 V
  • Poor signal/noise conditions
  • 1 Hz to 50 kHz Frequency Range
  • Millisecond Response to Frequency Change (for input frequencies over 1 kHz)
  • Adjustable Input Filtering and Sensitivity
  • Front-panel Display of Frequency to 5 Digits
  • Digital Periodic Filter
  • Crystal-controlled Accuracy
  • Precise Control of Output Voltage vs. Input Frequency
  • Miniature size
  • Rugged construction

The Ectron 441A Frequency-to-voltage Converter produces an analog output that precisely represents the frequency of an applied input signal. Adjustable input frequency to output voltage set points allow the user to closely bracket the frequency of interest. The unique crystal-controlled microcontroller design assures fast response, high conversion accuracy, and low output noise that is independent of frequency. The front-panel display shows the input frequency with up to five-digit resolution. All operating parameters are set using the display and the front-panel controls. These settings are retained in non-volatile memory.

The Ectron 441A input signal conditioner automatically provides stable operation for a wide range of pulse-, square-, and sine-wave signals from under 10 millivolts to 100 volts in amplitude.