EMC Automation SI-200

EMC Automation SI-200 Systems Interface Controller

Systems Interface Controller

The EMC Automation SI-200 is one of our refurbished Systems Interface Controllers.

Price: $195.00

Refurbished In Stock


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EMC Automation SI-200 Features:

  • Systems Interface Controller
  • Frequency Range: Dependent on probe
  • Tuning: Broadband
  • Interface: IEEE-488.3
  • Other: Needs probe head

A system interface unit under microprocessor control for integrating Field Probes (FP-3000), field Probe Positioners (PP-01). Its primary task in this catalogue is to provide a display for the data acquisition from the field probe FP-3000 listed as Item 154. A secondary task is to act as the control unit on the GPIB line for PP-01 Probe Positioner. This is listed as Item 825 which is the main hardware part of the “field uniformity” test jig. The SI-200 is mains driven and uses fibre optic links for probes and positioners.