ETS Lindgren EMCO 3121C

ETS Lindgren EMCO 3121C

Tuned Dipole Antenna

The EMCO 3121C is one of our used Tuned Dipole Antennas.
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Although the antennae are lightweight and extremely portable they are also robust.

There is a transportation case, which houses all the antenna components, and included is a measuring tape to enable adjustment of the dipole elements. For operation at lowest frequencies the dipole elements are constructed from nickel plated brass elements and four special extension rods.

The set of elements may be mounted into a particular balun. The case also contains a 7.6 metres of RG214 coaxial ā€œNā€ terminated cable. The baluns can also tolerate 50watts enabling the model to be used in site attenuation measurements
  • DB-1 28-60 MHz
  • DB-2 60-400 MHz
  • DB-3 140-400 MHz
  • DB-4 400-1000 MHz