ETS Lindgren EMCO 3142B

ETS Lindgren EMCO 3142B

26MHz-2GHz Biconical-Log Antenna

The Emco 3142B  is one of our used Biconical-Log Antennas.

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Product Features:

Ultra Broadband
Combining innovative designs with a compact size, our
BiConiLog antennas enable users to measure from 26 MHz to
2.0 GHz in one sweep. This single sweep capability eliminates
the need for multiple antennas and time-consuming equipment
setups, which improves accuracy and saves time and money.

High Gain
From 26 MHz to 60 MHz, the Model 3142B BiConiLog antenna
with optional end plates exhibits an average 5.5 dB gain
improvement vs. typical hybrid antennas. At some frequencies, a
10 dB gain improvement is achieved. This benefits test engineers
in several ways. For immunity measurements, amplifier
requirements are reduced because of the antenna's enhanced
impedance matching capability. This saves money if buying a
new amplifier, and increases power reserves of existing amplifiers.
For emission measurements, system sensitivity is increased, which
can improve test accuracy. 

Both BiConiLog models feature an average VSWR of less
than 2.0:1.
High Power Input Capacity
Both models accept 1 kW maximum continuous input at
frequencies above 60 MHz. Below 60 MHz, it is recommended
not to exceed 500 W with the Model 3140 and not to exceed
300 W with the Model 3142B.

Quality Construction
EMCO BiConiLog antennas are constructed of lightweight,
corrosion-resistant aluminum, providing years of trouble-free
indoor and outdoor service. In addition, both models receive a
tough powder coat finish, which protects against scratching and
abrasion better than painted or bare surfaces.