ETS Lindgren EMCO 3147

ETS Lindgren EMCO 3147

200 MHz to 5 GHz Log Periodic Antenna

The Emco 3147 is one of our used Log Periodic Antennas.

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Product Overview:

The EMCO 3147 Log Periodic Antenna is primarily designed for use with FCC Part 15, Subpart A, Section 15.33. This model covers both the traditional (200 MHz to 1 GHz) and newer (1 to 5 GHz) frequency range requirements in a single unit. The frequency ratio of 25:1 is one of the widest responses obtainable in a commercially available EMC test antenna. In addition, the 3147 Log Periodic Antenna has excellent VSWR characteristics throughout the entire operating frequency range. The 3147 features high gain, low VSWR (1.2:1 average), broadband frequency range (200 MHz to 5 GHz), meets CISPR Cross Polarization requirements, and has an input capacity of 80 watts continuous (100 watts peak).