ETS Lindgren EMCO 3301

ETS Lindgren EMCO 3301

Active Dipole Antenna Extended Rod

The Emco 3301 is a used Active Dipole Antenna Extended Rod.
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Product Overview:

The EMCO 3301 Electric-Field Antenna is a braodband (10 kHz to 30 MHz) radio frequency preamplifier designed for use with most 50 ohm input recievers.  With its 41 inch telescoping rod antenna, it provides approximately 15 dB of gain over the Empire VX-105 Antenna at 14 kHz, and 30 dB of gain over the Empire VA-105 at 20 MHz.  The 3301 has a self-contained battery power supply and is readily mounted on a standard tripod.  Provisions have also been made to allow the use of an external power source.


  • Input Impedance:  Greater than 1 Megohm 
  • Output Impedance:  50 ohms 
  • Passband:  10 kHz to 30 Mhz 
  • Harmonic Distortion:  -40 dB from fundamental 
  • Dynamic Range:  Approximately 66 dB