ETS Lindgren EMCO 3301B

ETS Lindgren EMCO 3301B 50 MHz Switchable Transformer

30 Hz - 50 MHz, Switchable Two-Band Transformer

The EMCO 3301B is one of our used Switchable Two-Band Transformers.

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The EMCO 3301B is designed to provide reception of an electric field throughout its frequency range, in a single band, without tuning or bandswitching.

The antenna factor 3 dB roll-off points are at 170 Hz and 35 MHz. Between 250 Hz and 20 MHz, the antenna factor is flat within +/- 1 dB. To prevent saturation by the low frequency signals, the lower 3 dB point is switch-selectable at 170 Hz, 1.9 kHz or 22 kHz.

The Model 3301B is able to sense fields of +2 dB (uV/m) at 1 MHz with a 1 kHz bandwidth. Saturation will not occur below a field strength of 0.7 V/m resulting in an extremely wide dynamic range to 145 dB. The saturation indicator alerts you of the need to use the internal attenuators.