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Extron VTG200

Extron VTG200

Video Test Generator

The Exrtron VTG200 is one of our used Video Test Generators.

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The VTG 200 is a fully field programmable, hand-held Video Test Generator featuring high-resolution, wide bandwidth scan format reproduction of any computer, NTSC or PAL video signal. Because the VTG 200 is portable, easy-to-use and features an auto-switchable internal 100-240 volt power supply, it is perfect for world-wide applications where accurate computer and video signal reproduction is required for test, set-up, alignment or system troubleshooting. The VTG 200 includes a user-friendly, backlit LCD read-out, a metal enclosure and more (80) preprogrammed scan formats. The VTG 200 also includes an additional test pattern (SMPTE color bars and pluge pattern), a composite video output (NTSC, PAL and PAL PLUS) and is user programmable through its RS-232 port. These additional features make the VTG 200 the ultimate Video Test Generator for projector set-up, alignment and convergence as well as being affordable for accurate video signal quality reproduction in professional video applications.

Now every large-screen video/data/graphics projector set-up function can be completed with one box, the VTG 200.

  • Up to 80 different scan formats
  • Composite video, NTSC or PAL, output with SMPTE color bar and plug pattern
  • Field programmable with built-in RS-232 port allowing for any computer signal to be added to the VTG 200 at any time
  • Durable metal enclosure with an auto-switchable 100-240 volt internal power supply
  • Simple Instruction Set (SIS™)