FGH Controls EZECAL5

FGH Controls EZECAL5

Process Calibrator

The FGH Controls EZECAL5 is one of our refurbished Process Calibrators.

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FGH Controls EZECAL5 Features:

  • Prints Calibration Certificates without a computer
  • Graphic display/replay for trends and diagnostics
  • RS-232C for downloading Cal set-ups
  • Comma delimited, data uploading to your computer's spreadsheet
  • Analog playback of logged data for process simulation
  • Manual or automated 10 step calibration from momory
  • Simultaneous measure and source:
    • all common thermocouples
    • 0-10 volts (3 overlapping ranges)
    • 0-20 mA
    • DIN standard Pt, and Ni100 RTD's
    • resistance to 400 Ohm
    • four custom ranges scaled and/or linearized
  • Rugged, portable with leather carrying cases