Fischer Custom Communications (FCC) LISN-50-25-02

Fischer Custom Communications (FCC) LISN-50-25-02

0.15-100 MHz, Line Impedance Stabilization Network

The FCC LISN-50-25-02 is one of our refurbished Line Impedance Stabilization Networks.

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FCC LISN-50-25-02 Features:

Line Impedance Stabilization Networks (LISN) are specialized low pass filter networks used to measure common mode conducted emissions from power lines. Fischer Custom Communications, Inc. has developed over 20 different Line Impedance Stabilization Networks to meet compliance testing requirements and custom customer needs.

The model FCC-LISN-50-25-2 is produced in accord with the required schematic of CISPR 16-1 and meets the frequency requirements. The impedance versus frequency curve of this LISN is superimposed on the impedance curve of for the 50W50W µH configuration. The 50W50W µH configuration is often used for Mil Std conducted emission testing from 10 kHz to 10 MHz. For specific details refer to Mil Std 461/462 D.