Fluke 1910A

Fluke 1910A Frequency Counter

Frequency Counter

The Fluke 1910A is one of our refurbished Frequency Counters.

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The Fluke 1910A has a front-panel attenuator switch provided to decrease sensitivity by a factor of 10. Input is provided for external time base (10 MHz at 300 mV rms or greater into ³1 k½). Display is a 7-digit LED with the number of units used and an overflow indicator.

Fluke 1910A Features:

  •   5 Hz - 125 MHz


  • 0.1 Hz, 1.0 Hz,
  • 10 Hz and 100 Hz

Period Mode range:

  • 5 Hz to 2 MHz

Input impedance

  • 1 M½ shunted by less than 30 pF, AC coupled


  • 15 mV rms at 5 Hz to 100 MHz
  • 25 mV rms at 100 MHz to 125 MHz