Fluke 33

Fluke 33 True RMS Clamp Meter

True RMS Clamp Meter

The Fluke 33 is a True RMS Clamp Meter. 

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The Fluke 33 gives accurate True-rms current measurements from 0.3 to 700A max. In addition,captures peak values,up to 1000A, for Crest Factor calculation.The Fluke 33 measures frequency, so you can use them to determine the output frequency of adjustable speed drives, to set the governor of an engine generator or to detect third harmonic currents (180 Hz) in the neutral of a 3-phase system.The Fluke 33 is built extra strong to withstand job site abuse.

  • True-rms ac current measurement
  • Frequency
  • Min/Max records maximum, minimum and average RMS current or frequency values for over 24 hours 
  •  Auto/Manual Ranging
  • Crest measurement of the peak of the current waveform. Used to determine Crest Factor which can indicate the presence of harmonics. 
  • Smoothing T displays a 3 second running average of current or frequency.
  • Tapered jaws can handle 2 parallel 500 MCM cables, or a single cable, up to 38 mm (1.5") in diameter
  • Combination Digital/Analog display; Fast analog bar graph shows surge currents
  • Audible beep confirms key presses and, indicates new highs or lows in Min/Max mode
  • Power-up self-test - verifies proper functioning and estimates battery life
  • Clip-on holster
  • Sleep Mode to preserve battery life
  • CAT III 600V