Fluke 3330B

Fluke 3330B Programmable DC Voltage/Current Calibrator

Programmable DC Voltage/Current Calibrator

The Fluke 3330B is a used Programmable DC Voltage/Current Calibrator.
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The Fluke 3330B combines high DC accuracy with the programmability required for automated calibration systems. May be programmed for analog DC outputs within ±0.003% of command from 0 to ±1111 VDC. Provides output currents from 0 to 111.11110 mA and output voltages from 0 to 1111.1110 VDC. Output current selection is provided in three ranges and is accurate to within ±0.006% of the selected range. Output voltage is available in three ranges with an accuracy of ±0.003% or ±3 mV (1000 V range). Also features overcurrent and overvoltage protection.