Fluke 5450A

Fluke 5450A Resistance Calibrator

Resistance Calibrator

The Fluke 5450A is a refurbished Resistance Calibrator.
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The 5450A Resistance Calibrator is designed to verify the resistance-measuring accuracy of precision multimeters, either manually or as part of an automated calibration process. It compliments the 5440A and 5442A Direct Voltage Calibrators.
  • 17 Standard resistors in one enclosure; decade values from 1.0 ohm to 100 Mohms, 1.9 multiples from 1.9 ohms to 19 Mohms

  • True passive resistors for low noise and offset

  • Midband accuracy of 8 ppm

  • 4-wire or 2-wire operation

  • Easy data entry for test lead compensation, Automatic meter error calibration, and HP-IB programmable