Fluke 78

Fluke 78 Automotive Multimeter

Automotive Multimeter

The Fluke 78 is one of our used Automotive Multimeters.
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  • Features:
    • Volts, amps, continuity and resistance
    • Frequency for "pulsed-DC" and AC frequency tests
    • Duty Cycle to verify operation of feedback carburetors, and other variable duty cycle signals
    • Direct Reading Dwell for 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8-cylinder engines
    • Temperature in ºF or ºC up to 1839ºF or 999ºC; thermocouple bead probe and adapter plug accessories included
    • Min/Max Recording work with all meter functions
    • Precision Analog Bar Graph
    • RPM80 Inductive Pickup (optional accessory) for both conventional and distributorless (DIS) ignitions
    • 10 Megohm Input Impedance
    • Sleep Mode
    • Protective Holster with Flex-Stand™
    • Cat II 300 V