Fluke PM2812

Fluke PM2812 Dual Power Supply

Dual Power Supply

The Fluke PM2812 is one of our refurbished Dual 60V/10A Power Supplies.

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NIST Calibration Pricing - $115.00

Fluke PM2812 Features:

  • Autoranging for maximum versatility with V & I
  • Linear Power Supplies with superior response time and noise performance programming and current source and sink capabilities
  • Single, dual and triple output versions
  • Rear panel outputs or front panel output option
  • Only 2HE high 19” rack-mount versions
  • Internal memory with 999 locations and (AUTO)STEP function allows definition of test patterns with no need for PC
  • Operating modes:
    • As voltage source (Constant Voltage supply)
    • As current source (Constant Current supply)
  • Easy system integration
  • GPIB/IEEE-488.2 interface standard
  • Extensive DUT (Device Under Test) protection functions:
  • Programmable Over-Voltage and Over-Current protection
  • Built-in metering (Readback) of actual measured V and I values
  • Sense lines
  • Coupled Protection, all outputs are limited or turned off when an error in any output occurs
  • Reprogramming delay allows controlled brief overloads
  • User-definable status register for error reporting