General Radio 1644A

General Radio 1644A

Megohm Bridge

The General Radio 1644A is a used Megohm Bridge.
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The General Radio 1644A, Megohm Bridge, that is ideally suited to measure a wide range of resistance from the insulation resistance of cables, to high-valued resistors, diodes, transistors, to voltage and temperature coefficients of resistance, to volume and surface resistivity of solids.
  • Seven fixed test voltages are available (10 to 1000 V)
  • Although any voltage between 10 and 1000 V may be obtained using an external resistor.
  • Resistance range of 10E+03 to 10E+15 ohms with ±1% accuracy to 10E+12 ohms (Delta R measurements to ±0.2%)
  • Utilizes self-checking internal standards