General Radio 1862C

General Radio 1862C


The General Radio 1862C is a used Megohmeter.
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  • Consists of a regulated power supply
  • A complement of resistance standards
  • A balanced, dc, vacuum-tube voltmeter with very high input resistance
  • Test voltages available are:
    • 100 VDC and 500 VDC
  • Resistance range:
    • 0.5 Mohm to 2 Tohm at 500 V
    • 0.5 Mohm to 0.2 Tohm at 100 V
    • 6 decade ranges
  • Accuracy is:
    • ±3% of indication at low resistance of each decade to ±12% (accuracy to which scale can be read) at high resistance end up to 50,000 Mohm
    • possible additional ±2% error at top decade. Voltage can be removed from terminals by setting of either switch to discharge position