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GrassValley 2010

GrassValley 2010

Video Matrix

The Grass Valley 2010 is one of our refurbished Video Matrixes.

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Grass Valley 2010 Features:

  • Sync Gen
  • Color Lock
  • Processor Input Board
  • Processor Output Board
  • External Referance
  • The Low Noise Model 2010 DMM offers production test system integrators a wide range of advantages, many of them unavailable even in other Series 2000 meters.
  • The 2010 combines high resolution with the high speed and accuracy needed for production applications such as testing sensors, transducers, A/D and D/A converters, regulators, references, connectors, switches and relays. It’s equally well-suited for testing subassembly or system level electronics.
  • The Model 2010’s low noise floor (just 100nV) allows more accurate millivolt- and microvolt-level measurements. Additional advantages include high DCV basic accuracy (7ppm), stability, and linearity (±2ppm of reading + 1ppm of range on the 10VDC range) to reduce total measurement uncertainty.
  • A wide dynamic range minimizes range-shift errors and speeds systems applications by reducing range change delays.
  • The built-in ratio measurement function simplifies precise relative measurements and comparison testing. With speeds up to 2000 readings/second, it also provides the high test throughput required in production applications.