Grayson Wireless Measurement Systems GMR203N

Grayson Wireless Measurement Systems GMR203N

1 Antenna Port Wireless Measurement System

The Grayson Wireless Measurement Systems GMR203N is one of our refurbished 1 Antenna Port Wireless Measurement Systems.

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The Wireless Measurement System can deliver detailed system analysis and signal level positioning data. It can provide detailed maps and diagrams verifying propagation coverage (or lack thereof) in specific portions of a system, or the system as a whole. Using a specially equipped vehicle, radio signal strengths can be measured and logged using DGPS (Differential Global Positioning Satellites) receivers linked to lap-top computers. This measurement system can be set for signal level sampling at designed time intervals or may be operated in the manual mode for verification at  specified locations, or a combination of both.

After completion of the physical drive testing, logged information can be exported or imported to desk-top application computers for display and visual analysis. Full reports, along with explanations and recommendations, can then be generated in a clear, concise and understandable format for customer presentation.

This type of system testing differs from those tests performed using hand-held portable radios by providing a more stable receiver platform that eliminates common measurement problems such as: body position to the radio, radio/antenna tilt, height above ground, portable antennas with non-verified calibration, human error and/or copy mistakes.