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Hameg HM6042

Hameg HM6042

Curve Tracer

The Hameg HM6042 is one of our refurbished Curve Tracers.

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Hameg HM6042 Features:

  • Ease of Operation
  • Characterisation and Test of Semiconductor Devices
  • Accurate Cursor Measurements
  • Quick and easy Comparison of Semiconductors
  • Reference Data Memory
  • On-Screen Display of 5 Curves
  • Low Power Consumption

The Hameg HM6042 Curve Tracer is used to accurately display the characteristics of two and three terminal semiconductor devices. The instrument combines ease of operation and versatile features at an affordable price. Unlike its counterpart, the HM8042 plug-in unit, it uses a built-in CRT and an LCD to display the characteristics of the device under test.

The Hameg HM6042 displays a set of 5 curves at a time. All numeric values and parametric data can be read out on a 2x16 digit LCD. Device type and all relevant parameters are selected and modified by a simple front-panel keypad entry. Collector voltage and current parameters are easily changed. A 3-step power limiter avoids damage of the Device Under Test by excessive power.