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ILX Lightwave LDC3722B

ILX Lightwave LDC3722B

Laser Diode Controller

The ILX Lightwave LDC3722B is one of our refurbished Laser Diode Controllers.

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ILX Lightwave LDC3722B Features:

  • Laser Diode Current Source with Integrated 32W Temperature Controller
  • GPIB/IEEE-488 Remote Interface
  • High Stability, Low Noise Laser Current Source Operating in Constant Power or Constant Current Modes
  • Analog Modulation Capability to 1MHz
  • 4-Wire Laser Forward Voltage Measurement and Adjustable Voltage Limit
  • Temperature Controller Compatible with Thermistor, IC, and RTD Temperature Sensors
  • Temperature Stability of ±0.004°C
  • TE Voltage Measurement

The ILX Lightwave LDC-3722B Laser Diode Controller is a combination of both laser diode current and temperature control in the same instrument. The current source provides a high stability output with a fully redundant current limit and multiple laser protection features. The built-in temperature controller can work with most thermistors and TE modules to deliver precision laser temperature control over a wide range of temperatures.