Instek GSP-810TGPM Used

Instek GSP-810TGPM

1000 MHz Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking Generator & Power Meter

The Instek GSP-810TGPM is one of our refurbished 1000 MHz Spectrum Analyzers.

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This unit includes:

  • Tracking Generator: 10MHz to 1000MHz
  • Power Meter: 10MHz to 2GHz, usable to 2.7GHz



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Instek GSP-810TGPM Features:

  • Frequency Range : 150kHz ~ 1000MHz
  • Fully Digital Phase Locked Loop Technique Design 
  • High Frequency Stability : ±10ppm 
  • High Resolution of Span to Measure the more detailed signal: Zero, 2kHz ~ 100MHz /DIV
  • RBW : 3k, 30k, 220k, 4M 
  • High Input Protection Level : +30dBm, ±25VDC 
  • Reference Level Range : -30dBm ~ +20dBm 
  • Good Noise Floor Performance : -95dBm @30kHz, -100dBm typical;over -150dBm/Hz typical @220kHz and 4MHz RBW
  • Spurious Noise : < -60dB 
  • Inter-modulation (3rd) : < -70dBc 
  • Two Markers for Absolute and Relative Measurement 
  • Functions : Max. Hold, Average (2 ~ 32 traces), Freeze, Peak Search, Marker to Center Function
  • 9 Memories of Save/Recall 
  • RS-232 Interface and Display Software to get Trace from GSP-810 to PC

Features of the Tracking Generator:

  • Frequency Range: 10MHz to 1000MHz
  • Amplitude Range:  0 to -50dBm
  • Amplitude Resolution: 1dB
  • Amplitude Accuracy: ±1dB@0dBm, 80MHz
  • Attenuation Accuracy: ±1dB@, 50MHz
  • Amplitude Flatness: ±1dB@, 10MHz/DIV, ±1.5dB@0dB, entire band
  • Harmonics: <-30dBc
  • Reverse Power: <+30dBm
  • Impedance: 50 ohm nominal
  • Return Loss: <10 dBRL (VSWR<2)
  • Connector: Type N female

Features of the Power Meter:

  • Frequency Range: 10MHz to 2GHz, usable to 2.7GHz
  • Power Level Range: -20dBm to +23dBm, usable to +30dBm
  • Power Level Overload: +40dBm<10% duty cycle, <10mS duration
  • Return Loss: <1:1.35 VSWR into 50 ohms, <1:1.25 typical
  • Readout Resolution: 0.2mW, 100mW scale, 2µW, 1mW scale; 0.1dB, Log scale
  • Accuracy: ±(10% rdg ±1digit)
  • Readout: mW or dBm