Instek GSP-830-DEMO

Instek GSP-830-DEMO

3 GHz Spectrum Analyzer

The Instek GSP-830 is one of our Demo 3 GHz Spectrum Analyzers.

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Instek GSP-830 Features:

  • Low Noise Floor (-117dBm@1GHz, 3k RBW)
  • Autoset Function
  • Sequence Programming Functions
  • ACPR, OCBW, Channel Power, N-dB and Phase Jitter Measurements
  • Pass/Fail Test with Limit Line Editing
  • 5 Markers with Delta Marker, Peak Functions
  • 10 Markers with All Peak Functions
  • Split Windows Allow Separate Settings
  • AC/DC/Battery Multi-Mode Power Operation
  • USB/RS-232C/GPIB(Optional) Interface
  • Direct VGA Output
  • 6.4" TFT Color LCD, Resolution: 640x480
  • Compact Size, 330(W) x 170(H) x 340(D) mm
  • Light Weight of 6kg Without Options
  • Optional Tracking Generator
  • Optional Preamplifier

The Instek GSP-830 is a portable, and Swept spectrum analyzer available to operate in frequency range from 9kHz to 3GHz. High performance, feature-advanced design and remote monitoring software make this fundamental unit important in education training, electronic manufacturing site, automated system and in relevant QA test systems.

The outstanding noise floor of -117dB for the Instek GSP-830 can be promoted up to -137dB while combing with the optional GAP-802 pre-amplifier. With sequence programming, the functions set on it allow professional members as well as versatile users to grasp the benefits of relational applications quickly.



  Product Price Qty  
Instek ATA-001 Instek ATA-001
Antenna with BNC Connector for GSP Series
Instek GAP-801 Instek GAP-801
9 kHz to 6 GHz, Preamplifier
Instek GKT-002 Instek GKT-002
CATV Kit Set for the GSP Series
Instek GKT-003 Instek GKT-003
RLB Kit Set for the GSP Series
Instek GRA-404 Instek GRA-404
Rack Adapter Panel for the GSP-827/830 Series
Instek GSC-001 Instek GSC-001
Soft carrying Case for the GSP Series
Instek GTL-302 Instek GTL-302
RF Cable, RG223 Assembly, 300mm, N(P/M)
Instek GTL-401 Instek GTL-401
DC Power Cord with DC Jack & Lighter Plug, Current 5A for the GSP-827

Instek GSP-830-DEMO - Option Descriptions

Option Item Description
01 Tracking Generator Add On (Factory Install)
02 Battery Pack
03 + / - 1ppm
04 300Hz RBW
05 9KHz & 120KHz RBW
06 10kHz & 100KHz
07 AM/FM Demodualtor & 10KHz, 100KHz RBW
08 GPIB Interface