Instek SFG-2004 Used

Instek SFG-2004

4MHz DDS Function Generator - SFG 2000 Series

The Instek SFG 2004 is one of our refurbished DDS Function Generators with a frequency range of 0.1Hz to 4MHz.

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Instek SFG-2004 Features:

  • Frequency Range: 4MHz
  • Frequency Resolution: 0.1 Hz
  • High Frequency Stability and Accuracy: 20ppm
  • Low Distortion Sine Waveform: -55dBc
  • Built-in 150MHz 6 digits External Counter
  • Output Waveforms Sine, Square, Triangle, Pulse


  • Educational Institution
  • Standard frequency source
  • PLL reference signal
  • Audio products test and adjustment
  • Supersonic Device test
  • Vibration test