Keithley 155

Keithley 155

Null Detector-Microvoltmeter

The Keithley 155 is a used Null Detector-Microvoltmeter.

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The Keithley 155 Null Detector-Microvoltmeter covers the measurement range 1 µV to 1000 V. Battery powered. ±2% of full scale. Common Mode Rejection is equivalent to 140 dB. Input resistance 100 Mohms, 3-1 kV range.

  • Mirror backed meter eliminates parallax
  • Manufacturer support and calibration available
  • Battery operation for high isolation
  • The zero center analog readout makes it easy to see trend lines, approaches to zero and small changes in readings, regardless of polarity
  • Isolated analog output allows for hard copy or archival download to data acquisition systems, chart recorders and plotters