Keithley 160B

Keithley 160B

Digital Multimeter

The Keithley 160B is one of our refurbished Digital Multimeters.

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Keithley 160B Features:

  • Voltage sensitivity to 1 microvolt per digit.
  • Current sensitivity to O.OlnA per digit.
  • Resistance sensitivity to O.OOlΩ per digit.
  • Floating capability to ±1200 volts above case.
  • Built-in analog output.

The Keithley 160B is a wide-range digital multimeter capable of measuring voltage, current, and resistance. The Model 160B offers seven ranges of voltage from lmV to 1000 volts, nine ranges of current from lOnA to 1000mA, and ten ranges of resistance from 1Ω to 1000MΩ. The Model 160B display is 3 digits plus 100% overrange.