Keithley 193A

Keithley 193A

Digital Multimeter

The Keithley 193A is one of our Digital Multimeters.
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The 193A System Digital Multimeter combines high speed, 6 functions, and superior performance into one of today's best values in instrumentation.

The Keithley 193A  System DMM can measure DC Voltage, Resistance, dBV, Temperature (RTD), Temperature (Thermocouple) and Low Frequency AC.

  • 6 1/2 digits
  • DCV (200mV-100V Full Scale)
  • Ohms (200 to 200M Full Scale)
  • RTD Temperature
  • Thermocouple Temperature
  • Low Frequency AC (3 1/2 digits, 200mV to 700V True RMS @0.1 to 10Hz)
  • Other AC Functions, Current, Optional