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Keithley 2260B-30-72-Factory Refurbished

Keithley 2260B-30-72-Factory Refurbished

30V,72A, 720W Programmable DC Power Supply

The Keithley 2260B-30-72-Factory Refurbished is one of our Factory Refurbished 30V,72A, 720W Programmable DC Power Supplies.

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Keithley 2260B-30-72-Factory Refurbished Features:

  • 360W and 720W versions with voltage up to 80V and current up to 72A
  • Combine power supplies in serial and parallel combinations to expand voltage and current outputs up to 160V and 216A
  • Programmable voltage or current rise and fall times from 0.1V/s to 160V/s or 0.01A/s to 144A/s prevent damage
  • from inrush current to low impedance loads

  • Constant current priority setting reduces voltage and current overshoot when powering LEDs
  • Simulate a battery’s output characteristics with a programmable output resistance
  • Display delivered power with either the output current or the output voltage
  • Choose from analog control,USB, LAN, or an optional GPIB interface for automated control
  • Save bench and test system space: six 71mm-wide 360W units or three 143mm-wide 720W units fit in a standard
    rack width


  • Environmental test, stress test, and accelerated life testing
  • LED and high power component testing
  • Automotive testing
  • Battery research and test
  • Production test


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