Keithley 6512

Keithley 6512

Programmable Electrometer

The Keithley 6512 is a used Programmable Electrometer.

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The Keithely 6512 Programmable Electrometer is a highly sensitive instrument designed to measure voltage, current, charge, and resistance.

The measuring range between 10µV and 200V for voltage measurements, from 0.1fA and 20mA for current measurements, between 0.1ohms and 200Gohms for resistance measurements, and in the range of 10fC and 20nC in the coulombs mode.

Very high input impedance and extremely low input offset current allow accurate measurement in situations where many other instruments would have derimental effects on the circuit being measured.

  • Ideal for low current measurements.
  • 4 1/2 digit display
  • Auto ranging.
  • Digital calibration
  • Zero correct